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Just picked out some wheels after weeks of searching. Never realized this whole wheel/tire package was gonna be such a nit-picky process. I want 15" wheels for budget and weight reasons. I have a '07 4 dr Sahara Unlimited and I'm planning on 35" tires with a 2.5-3" lift. Want to make sure these will fit and that I won't have rubbing issues and I'll have a nice "stick out" from my fenders: (all 5x5 bolt pattern)
Black Fuel Revolver alloys, 15x8, offset -18, hub bore 78.1, BS 3.75
Rebel Outlaw II 15x8, offset -19, BS not given
American Racing ATX Mojave 15x8, offset -19, BS not given
Pro Comp Series 8069 15x8, BS 3.75, offset -19.

If I get a 35x12.50r15 tire, will a 8" wide wheel be able to hold it or do I have to get a 10" wide wheel? Thanks for any advice! I'm excited to finally be narrowing down my options.
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