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Improper installation of Steering box: Power steering hose cutting into AC Line

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Back in 10/7/2023 Local jeep shop swapped out the steering box.
Looks like when the steering box was swapped, the Power steering hose at the steering box was not positioned correctly and is cutting into the AC line.
Do you think the shop will cover the expense to correct this and replace the AC line? After 7 months is it too late?

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Look at your work order from the shop. It will often have info on any sort or warranty on it. If it doesn’t, call them and ask about one before saying anything about the actual problem.
Appreciate the recommendation.
That was the first thing I did, read the invoice; nothing about warranty of the work. Just curious for work like this what I should be expecting to hear. Planning to call tomorrow.
Does not look like ac line needs replaced
Could loosen fitting and reposition in less time then it took to take the photos and write the post
Could also add a piece of inner-tube between to insure no further contact

or could go on in this direction
Shop inspected the hose, only the outer part of it was torn, the wire webbing inside the tubing was still intact (not cut all the way); Push/Bent the A/C line a bit and wrapped it. :LOL:

Oh well!
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