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In P.R., a CJ5 is "Gold" !!!!

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Hey CJ5`ers, I was recently looking for a Jeep, and I wanted a CJ5 ( 76-79 ), just because I had CJ5`s before and I love them. But Man !!! they are like gold this days !!! A good looking CJ5 is well over 10 grand, and a good looking Renegade or Golden Eagle ( Original ) is over 20 grand !!! Here in Puerto Rico, a jeep CJ5 is an investment, people restore them to like new conditions and are kept better than diamond jewels. I am very glad to announce this in this Forum, because I know you American guys/gals would like to hear this. I will post some pictures later from the next Jeep gathering. By the way, I ended up buying a great TJ and I love it too !!!
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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