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This is my first time posting in the jeep forum by the way. But, I have a 2000 jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and looking to get a TJ. Something way more fun right! I have been looking here in Louisiana but there aren't too many around or at a decent price. I was wondering what you guys think about buying out of state. I have found a 1997 TJ I am really interested in, in Ohio. The hard part is I know I can't test drive it and check the gears ,or look under it for huge rust growths, is it still worth it to go out there? Or what should I do?
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I just bought a yj from runs great but is rusted very bad..I think your best bet is to get one closer to home..I have had great luck buying jeeps here in south georgia as well as north florida and south alabama..I always have a few for sale
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