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This is my first time posting in the jeep forum by the way. But, I have a 2000 jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and looking to get a TJ. Something way more fun right! I have been looking here in Louisiana but there aren't too many around or at a decent price. I was wondering what you guys think about buying out of state. I have found a 1997 TJ I am really interested in, in Ohio. The hard part is I know I can't test drive it and check the gears ,or look under it for huge rust growths, is it still worth it to go out there? Or what should I do?
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I have been looking here in Louisiana for a while now. If there is a TJ out here, it is way over priced. But thank you guys for the advice. I guess I will try to stay close to home if I want one. Hopefully one will pop up.
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