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... and looking to get a TJ. Something way more fun right!
Absolutely! We've owned 11 Harleys and one BMW over the years and still like to do a bit of two-wheeling. But .... we patiently shopped for a TJ last year and found a gem that has provided tons of fun that matches our bike rides! No concern for weather or road conditions anymore with the Jeep. Our rag top is plenty warm in the winter and all the doors come off in the summer.

Mileage is poor, but that's part of the deal. Hard to measure the value of a good time. We find back roads and drive til the cooler is empty. For a longer trip, we hit the "blues" trail in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee for 5 days. We got blown out on the Interstates but all the more reason to find a side road to explore and stumble into some little burg with a family restaurant or a bed and breakfast.

If you hang in there, you'll find what you want, no matter which State in the Union. As you know, people who really care keep their vehicles garaged and out of harms way.
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