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Recently I have been asked to do a build forum about my JK named Indominus. I have never done this nor do I understand how to do this so don't rag on me if it sucks.

I started off buying a super stock 2014 2door Sport with manual trans, windows and locks. It also came with the stock 16" wheels and the itty bitty peanut tires. 3 days after owning it, I went off roading with a buddy who had a Rubicon and I got high centered on some rocks and it bent my pinch weld so got the Rugged Ridge rock rails for more protection. Oh, and a tree also came out of nowhere and I am not kidding at all. I have my wife and my best friend who were with me that can prove it. Anyways, There was an irrigation ditch on the left of the dirt road and the tree laying half way in the road to the right so I had no choice but to hit it. It bent my fender, ripped my fender flare off and dented all the way up the door to the hard top in the back.
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Being stationed in Italy, it was hard to get parts shipped to me so the biggest upgrade I could have done was throw on some 33" Mud Countrys onto the stock rims which I just painted with bed liner and put some 1.5" spacers so the tires could clear at full lock turn. Also put a 50" Rough Country light bar and a high lift jack on the hood and took a sawzall to my front bumper to make a stubby. I also added a few other odds and ends like those plastic corner guards and deep dish Rugged ridge floor mats
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Later I got stationed in Korea which I couldn't bring my Jeep with so that went home to my wife and I just started spending. I ordered all these parts before I came home. She grew up quick. I came home on Mid Tour and started the build. First thing to be put on was the AEV 3.5" Suspension lift and 17" Ultra 164 wheels with 35" Mud Countrys mounted to them (I love those tires). Next was my Bartact front seat covers and Rugged Ridge Spartan grille which I got painted my body color. Next was my Metalcloak steel Overland fenders and reinforcement brackets for added strength which was all painted with bed liner. Had to pull that dent out from the tree incident. Shortly after that I got the JW Speaker headlights and fog lights and the Rugged Ridge Steel XHD winch bumper and I bought the Smittybilt SRC front bumper because there was a sweet sale going on to get the rear matching one for free. I gave away the front bumper to a friend of mine and installed the rear. But in 2 weeks from now I am buying the Ace engineering rear bumper and tire carrier with the 2 6" light bars in the bumper and I will be selling that rear bumper. Got the Harbor Freight Badland 9000lb wireless winch because it was on sale for like 200 bucks. Can't turn that down! My wife bought me 4 Rugged Ridge X clamps and 4 Rough Country cube LEDs for the front and rear which by the way, all the Aux lights are routed to a pillar switch on the driver side. Installed the AFE cold air intake and the AFE High tuck exhaust for clearing rocks and stumps on the trail and it doesn't sound too bad either. Back in Italy I also got the Flashpaq thing for performance off road. Definitely helped.
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And the final product until I come home in May 2016.
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I wish I could figure out how to upload more pictures. If I knew how to do that I would have posted pictures more in detail. But anyways, hope you all enjoyed as much as I have when I was building her!
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