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Okay, I started an earlier thread titled "lift kit confusion" trying to figure out the best 3-3.5" lift for my JKU Sahara to run 35's with, and ended up being more confused than when I started (if that's possible).

So I made some calls.

Kent with AEV says there is no need to change the front driveshaft for their 3.5-in lift. However, because of exhaust crossover and ds issues on the 2012 (read, not a whole lotta clearance), you will have to modify the stock exhaust where it intersects with the front ds. He says incorporating a small dip in the exhaust pipe should keep the two from bashing ea other at full droop. I said "A U?" He said, "No, just a dip."

Someone on another thread mentioned that TeraFlex had come out with a 2012 JK exhaust spacer kit (part #2610000) for $29.99 that would also alleviate the problem. Do a search for it...I believe someone from TeraFlex has posted a video on this forum showing the install.

I also talked to Steve at Full Traction. In his opinion you need to change at least the front driveline for any 3" or greater lift (and actually recommended it for 2.5" lifts, as well) due not only to the ds/exhaust issue, but also because of the increased engine angle on the 2012 as opposed to earlier years.

Regardless, you currently cannot install a lift using anything more than a 25" shock w/out addressing this problem.

So it looks like there are currently a # of ways to deal with this problem, depending mostly on preferences and budget.

I'm sure there are more fixes in the pipeline.
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