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Well it is done almost anyway TF 2 .5 LIFT RANCHO 9000 Shocks 20 in RBP wheels and 37" toto MT open country
get to drive it for the weekend and goes back in Monday to finish with 4.88 gears aev geometry drop brackets

I want to Thank everyone who responded and commented I followed the consensus on what people had esperiemce with their jeeps
it made a huge difference my son had a JKU 2014 the lift was done at the dealer and it rode LIke crap

This jeep runs as smooth as factory and I could not be happier
I was so worried it would be a rough horrible ride after riding in my son's but man I am pleasantly suprised and love it
pics to follow little dark when we picked her up

Now on to S pod, led lighting
larger brakes , and few other mods
but again guys I can't Thank you enough with the support and advice but following real word experience I don't have to re do mods that typically would had to in the past
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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