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Only picture I took during install. I took some before pictures but still need to take after pics. The install went smoothly, and very happy with the gains I got. The ride feels a lot more softer now. I did the install a corner at a time instead of the entire front and back at the same time. When I started to do the passenger side I noticed I was missing the top nut to the sway bar link and from the looks of it, it's been missing for a while as all the threads on the bolt were rubbed smooth. It was ok though because the front links are being replaced by new links. All and all a pretty easy install, just broke some retainer clips for ABS on the rear.

Here are some measurements I took at different parts of the Jeep to see the overall increase. Before and after.

10" 1/8 to skid

19" 3/4 to front bumper

5" 1/4 front tire gap

16 1/2 to trailer hitch

12" to skid

22" To front bumper

7" front tire gap

18" 1/2 to hitch
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