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installing a subwoofer in a LJ

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I just upgraded the radio in my 2005 only has the speakers in the rollbar behind the front seats, and in the panels next to the door. My console is cavernous, no factory sub. The new radio puts out 45 watts max.

My daughter was riding with me.."where's the Bass?" And she's right...the radio sounds crisp and clear, but no BASS, thats for sure.

I'm not after a sub that will shake the car next to me, just something that will bring some low end to the system.

I would assume I would need a bass amp, and a subwoofer speaker. I see various vendors have replacement factory subwoofer speakers, but not seeing any amps.

Is there a kit to install a sub in my factory console? Where do I get an amp?
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If its cavernous meaning goes to the floor inside, it is not a sub center console even though there may be a grill on the side. The sub console has another sealed enclosure that houses the speaker and a small amp.

Your best bet is a small powered sub. There are a lot on the market. I have a Kenwood SW10 in the Jeep and a Sound Ordinance 8PTD in my Mustang both with the same head unit. The 8PTD sounds much better and has more bass.

Note the speakers behind the front seats are not factory and you should have speakers in the dash
Yeah, didn't describe that right speakers in the dash and the ones behind the seats are on the rollbar overhead. Stock system.

So it would have to be a different console then?
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