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Have finished the installation of my Everblades, with the last task being to connect the red power wire to a switched source. The info from Everblades isn't super-detailed. They don't describe Heated Windshield Wiper Installation | Everblades

how many amps the wipers draw. They only state "do not hook to more than 14V DC!". I installed the switch for the heater wipers in the knee panel, just to the right of and below the steering wheel (right where your right knee is!). Two questions for our electrical geniuses out there (thanks in advance):

1) Is there a switched power source knee where the switch is that is a) proper for the electrical demand the heated wipers will draw, and b) within range and easy to access?

2) If there is a switched power source that is proper, what panel/s need to be removed and how do I remove them to do it?

If the answer to 1) and 2) above are nope, I think an acceptable alternative would be to extend the power wire from the switch through the firewall and then tap into the fuse panel using this Cooper Bussman fuse connector, tapping into the unused rear seat heater fuseblock:

I would assume that the electrical demand of heated seats is probably about the same as heated wipers, but I don't know.

Thanks for the help.
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