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installing lift soon, advise help

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Hello everyone i have 2000 jeep wrangler 2.5L 4CYC and i have just bought a 3 inch lift for it from BDS and plan to install it my self with a buddy. was just wondering if anyone had any advise on how to do it or anything i should watch for. also does anyone know of any good how to videos of how people have installed theres?
Thanks for the help.
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They include directions that are pretty accurate. Just make sure to pb blast or kroil all of the bolts that will be coming off to make it a little easier. Did you get adj track bar for the front, rear bracket?
To start off, begin preparing for the installation by spraying all of the nuts & bolts now (!) with a penetrant like Kroil, Break-Free, Liquid Wrench, or PB-Blaster. No, WD-40 is not in that list, don't waste your time thinking it will work too... it won't.

Spray the hardware several times over a few days to give it time to work its way into the threads so the nuts & bolts will have the best chance of coming apart with no drama.

Don't forget that the very first thing you must do after installing the suspension lift is that you must (!) then adjust the toe-in of your front axle. A suspension lift pulls the front of your tires closer together which means it produces excessive toe-in which will quickly ruin your front tires.

This articcle shows how to do that, as well as how to re-center your steering wheel which will also be required. NO, you do not need to pay an alignment shop to do either, you can easily do both in your garage or driveway as acccurately as an alignment shop can do. Really.

Here's how... Basic Jeep Front End Alignment

Set your toe-in per the above instructions so the fronts of the tires are 1/16" to 1/8" closer together than they are in the rear. All you need to do this is a tape measure, wrench, and big water pump pliers or a pipe wrench to rotate the tie rod.

The below image shows a more repeatable method of measuring between the tires so you get the toe-in set properly. Basically two 1" square pieces of aluminum spring-clamped to your rotors, marked at points equal to your tire diameter. Measure between them at the front & rear & rotate the tie rod so the fronts are 1/16" to 1/8" closer than in the rear. :)


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@rdock31 i was planing on just going step by step with the directions and pretty sure i did get the adj track bar.

@Jerry Bransford thank you for your post i didnt know about how the tires were going to be closer once its done. thanks for the link im sure it will be very helpful to me soon!
Just FYI, it's a good idea to recheck your toe-in adjustment after you've driven it a few miles. After having the suspension torn apart, it takes a little time for everything to kind of settle in which will change your toe settings some.

An easy way to check quickly is to just slap a piece of duct tape directly across from each other on on the front of both front tires (I usually put them right next to a tread lug so I can hook a tape measure over it), then put a sharpie mark on each one. Measure across from the edge of the tape on one to the edge of the tape on the other at the sharpie mark, then move the jeep until the tape is facing the back and take another measurement from the same place.
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