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I've ordered the remote start for my 2012 Wrangler. The dealer wants $450 to install the unit. It is not a big deal to install but is time consuming as the antenna is mounted under the passenger airbag. The whole dash needs to be removed to mount it and run the wire harness to the drivers side where it plugs into the wireless module. They want $100 to do the activation of the unit. My question is regarding the wireless module. If I do the full hardware install the vehicle will have to be towed to the dealer to have the activation done. I'm wondering if I can do the main install and still have the original wireless module plugged in to be able to drive it to the dealer. The wireless module is mounted on the steering column. I think the wireless module connection is right at the end of the hardware install. Has anyone done this install and could maybe offer some advice on an economical way to accomplish this?

thanks :punk:
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