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installing rubi rails after ACE sliders

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I've already got my ACE rails on and just picked up some rubi rails. Can they be put on with the ace's or do i have to remove the ace rails first? Thanks guys/gals
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You should be able to slide them right in ..the ace rails might be an extra hand putting them on
I did the same thing... Found a set of Rubi rails on Craigslist after installing my ACE sliders. I had to loosen the bolts on the ACE sliders to allow them to drop slightly before installing the Rubi rails.
good to know. Thanks a lot.
If your running 35's or bigger, go ahead and cut 1.5" off of the back of them now. Save you from having to pull them off later.
won't be running 35s anytime soon, its still my DD. did have to loosen the ace rails, but they slid right in, had them both installed in 15 min. As I was putting them on i noticed that my jeep had rubi rails before i bought it and they were taken off. That explains why I had chrome bolts in the pinch seams. I could still see where the bracket had attached to the frame.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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