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for TJ overline front fenders (TJLJ MetalCloak Front Fender Installation RevD)

this was from a recent install on a 2006

step 6 ..
"Bolt black vacuum box (C) to passenger battery tray using supplied hardware (D)"

if you follow the instructions step by step, you'll be looking in vain for this hardware. i thought maybe it was in a separate package, or in with the battery tray itself.
it is in the bag that you are not supposed to open until step 7 "Open supplied hardware pack"

Step 9: "Remount Passenger Side Factory Components"

suggestion.. remount the air intake BEFORE the fuse box and bracket. the instructions imply the other way around. hole #5 was impossible to get to (between the fuse box and the air intake) with the AC line right over the top of the nut.
I had to take the fuse box back off.

step 9: "D.Use supplied hardware to bolt intake box to inner fender holes 1, 2, and 5"

should probably read use STOCK hardware? that is what i used. there is no supplied hardware in the bag suitable for this..

other than that, it went pretty smooth. everything fit up nice.
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