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Instrument Cluster Scratched

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Just picked up my 2016 Sport last week and noticed that the instrument cluster has a pretty big scratch in it. Do these things come sealed, meaning that the cluster and the cover would be replaced or can just the cover be replaced? I might just leave it alone if it's a big deal to repair.
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Is that something the warranty would cover since it's new? I just noticed that my rear license plate bracket was bent and it's been 4 weeks since I took delivery. Salesman told me it should be covered.
The service guy said they'd take care of it. I was sure to bring it back the day after I took delivery so he could see it. I would think they'd take care of your issue as well.
Me late '15 has oily finger prints around the tach needle and on the raised edge around the speedo lol. It really stands out when the sun hits it just right. I'll pull it apart and clean it up while I'm swapping the radio. I'm sure the dealer will take care of your scratch.
Mine got scratched using paper towels and windex - twice. No more, that and the radio display are just cheap soft plastic.

Doesn't help, but for future FYI.
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