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has anyone had to update an itune? I cant for the life of me figure it out!!! please help!
Not sure about the intune but when I update my trinity, I use DSDowloader and it will detect and update automatically when you plug the device into a USB port. My SCT X4 is the same way but uses their proprietary app.

My DSDowlnoader software and USB driver just updated last week. My trinity uses CROM files and latest code drop for that was on 2-12-16. I think the intune files are different but they post the info on the web site under downloads.

Before this will work, you do need to restore your original tune and unmarry the device from the jeep. Only then can you update it. My SCT is the same way on this detail too.

If you have a blower (different MAP sensor and injectors to say they least) then you do not want to start the engine until the update is complete *and* you have re-loaded your custom blower tune not only back to the device but then also back to the vehicle. It could take you over an hour end to end. Ask me how I know. :)
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