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Is it to0 much of a nightmare to swap in a brand new hemi?

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Just bought a really nice 94 yj with the 2.5 and manual. The previous owner said the jeep just died as he was driving down the road. He put in a new cap and rotor and the jeep is still not getting spark. I paid 1500.00 for the jeep with 110,000 miles. plan is to get it running and sell motor/trans.

I bought it as as a project. I have access to a brand new hemi and trans out of a chrysler 300. I can get the combo for $1500 bucks and they are still in the crate.

Question is: Is this combo going to be too much of a nightmare to throw in the yj? I know the drive by wire setup will make for a tougher install than a cable setup.

The price of the combo is definitely right:)

Give me your guys thoughts. I have been reading up on the swap but want some opinions .

btw: Love the site!
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Local guy does them, he has done plenty, ony issue I would see with your donor is the trans, a 2wd trans wont have the correct output to adapt to your Transfer case.

Does your Hemi come with a harness and computer?
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