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Is my Drag Link/Tie Rod Bent?

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My last wheeling trip pushed my JK a bit too far, and I slid off of a rock, and with the wheel turned, slammed my tire into another rock - as a result, my steering wheel is a bit more off-center than it was, and my drag link looks a bit off - although I could be mistaken. Of course, the TCS/ESC light is on too! Before I replace these parts, because my drag link adjustment collar is rusted to the point that it can't be adjusted, I am hoping to get others' opinion on if I bent the steering linkages. Thank you!

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Looks like it to me. Will be interesting to see what others say.
Thank you for the input! Do you think it's just the drag link, or the tie rod too? The toe angle does not look off to me.
Thank you all for the advice! I am about to order a replacement drag link. I found a good deal on a RockJock Currectlync drag link which fits my very tight budget. Reviews seem good, but what do you guys think?
@Pressurized Your input is always super helpful, any advice?
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If putting on a steel upgrade, I would choose Yeti or RockJock... So your option is good. I think I'm going to put a Yeti tie rod on mine next month.
Thank you. Would you say that the Synergy one is worth the additional cost? Seems that aluminum is out of my budget entirely.
One thing nobody mentioned is the fact that you may have twisted the sector shaft on your steering box when you hit the rock! Twist it two more times and it will break! The PSC steering box has a much stronger sector shaft.
Reinforcing it is definitely going on my future upgrades list. Unfortunately my budget is a lot tighter than I expected now, so I'm going to stick with the drag link and hit easier trails for now. That trail was significantly harder than I thought, and my rig (my wallet too) simply cannot handle the hits that come from rock crawling in the rain.
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1 - 5 of 17 Posts