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Is there a part number for the stock amp bracket?

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For my Wife's christmas gift I put alpine type-R component and coaxials as well as a pioneer NEX5000 in her jeep, all being powered by a PBR300X4 under the dash. Right now the amp is being held in by heavy duty zip ties (because why not?), but I'd like to either make a bracket or order the bracket used for mounting the stock amp in that location as I understand that's where it goes.

Does anyone either have a part number for that bracket or dimensions for brackets they have made?


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I looked into buying the bracket at one point. Trouble is, Jeep doesn't sell the bracket by itself. You have to buy the amp and the bracket together as one unit and it's far from cheap.

That's why my amp is held in with zip ties.
Lol... Well maybe I'll get around to making a bracket for it. Eventually. Some day.

Yeah, that's what I said 2 and a half years ago...
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