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So I've had my jeep for about a year now and it's finally getting warmer so it's time for some mods. When I got her everything was pretty much stock and I haven't done to much. I took off the hideous bra the previous owners had and I plastidipped the stock canyon rims. This past weekend I took off the rusting side steps. So I'm looking to do a 2 inch lift, probobly a Rubicon Express budget boost with shocks, as well as adding 31" or 32" tires, probobly BF Goodrich All-Terrains. I do not off road as much as I wish I could because I have nowhere to go really. Other than that I want to get either rock sliders or decent priced rims. If anyone has pictures of their build or links that would be appreciated. I love to learn about jeeps and lifts and I'm sure everyone here was like me at some point. Also it is a 2000 Sport 4.0. And has a Dana 44 rear axle.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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