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I usually hang out on the JL forum, but am here with the hope of seeking help with my son's 2010 Liberty. 3.7L 6cyl
The Liberty was previously owned by me and was replaced with a '21 Rubicon.
For the last two years, there has been a problem with random starts that result in the engine starting, but not firing on all cylinders. To make things more difficult, no codes. Wait a moment, restart and problem is gone.
We know (think) it's either spark or fuel related.
We tackled the spark issue early in the year by replacing; plugs, wires, coils. It ran fine all summer. No issues.
The problem has returned and we think it's no coincidence the weather is now much colder.
In my best attempt to give him good advice, I told him we need to tackle possible fuel issues.
Lastly, the Liberty is in meticulous condition and has been well maintained.
Any suggestions or guidance as to where to start looking would be appreciated.
BTw, the kid is on a tight budget, but Dad is ready to help. TIA

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His Jeep is the Limited model, fully loaded with every option and looks identical to image.
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