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Its time to add lights!

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Think I am going I add windshield lights as my first mod with an Spod system in the next coming week or so. After that I plan on adding a front bumper light bar onto a stock bumper. What kind of bumper bar would you suggest to mount 2 kc pro sport driving lights and a middle flood light?

Anyone ever notice when you backup with the stock lights it's not that bright at night? Anyone recommend new tail lights or just super white bulbs?
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I have the Real Wheels pre-runner bar on mine with 2 KC Slim-lites. It won't come with tabs for 3 lights but if you know someone who can weld, it wouldn't be hard to add a 3rd and there should be enough space for 3 6" lights. I also drilled holes in mine to run the wires so you don't see them. I have the 1-5/8" bar but they now have a 2" bar which I wish had been around when I got mine. Overall, I like it and I think it's the best looking light bar for a stock bumper.
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