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Well like most jeep owners I have pieces from several jeeps, Today I called my local Locksmith and asked what it would cost to get keys made. I was planning on taking out 1 door cylinder (the pass is the same as drivers)and the tailgate Cylinder, get a key made for the driver and have the tailgate made to match.. When he told me it would be $80 total, I told him he was a bit high and asked him to double check, he said that was correct... Needless to say i wont be going that route, this is what i have found...

Interchange Part Number: 4637581, 4778123, DL-22 (Standard manufacturer)

Several listings on eBay under the DL22..
also it looks like Dodge used the same lock on most models up to 2003
I also found a 3 cylinder with 3 keys for $49.99 at a major online company(this is what i choose)
I hope this helps and saves some time for the next person....
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