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Having recently joined the forum and been immersed in a culture far beyond what I imagined (a pleasant surprise for the most part), I've made some interesting observations, which I'll now share with you.

Jeep owners are pretty much fanatics; I think it's ok for me to say that because I'm one, or at least becoming one, myself. Here are some things I've observed in the Jeff Foxworthy format:

You may be a Jeep fanatic if:

-You speak Jeepense fluently - JK, JKU, TJ, lift, lockers, 3.21, 3.73, rake, rock guards, castor, etc.
-You think the Rubicon trail was named after the Rubicon Wrangler
-You have a 10,000 lb winch that's never seen more than a 2,000 lb pull
-You have 100' of rope/cable on your winch and never used more than 10 feet
-You buy a new Wrangler because you've already done everything to the one you currently own and have nothing left to do.
-You buy a new Wrangler and think you have a lemon because it doesn't leak when it rains.
-It takes you less than one week to start modifying a brand new Wrangler
-You think the JK Unlimited is an off-road limousine
-You don't know that flare can be a personality trait.
-You believe bridges are an unnecessary expense to the public
-You can explain how every hand tool made can be used to modify a Wrangler
-You think mud is a coating to protect the paint
-You think a car wash is a deep creek
-You think every rock is there to give a Wrangler something to climb over
-You think all mods made to a Wrangler are easy
-You think 'lift' is for Wranglers, not faces
-When on the road, you honk, blink, and wave enthusiastically at approaching Wranglers
-When on the road, you're thinking constantly about being off the road.
-You think that every time someone glances your way, that their admiring your Wrangler mods
-You think that those people that see you and pull off the road is to show respect for all you've done to your Wrangler and has nothing to do with them stopping to get gas or food.
-You think when that guy cut you off, it was to get a closer look at your bumper and winch
-4x4 is never a reference to lumber
-You measure your Wrangler's ground clearance in yards
-You have a Jeep hat, tee shirt, stickers and a mailbox shaped like a Wrangler.
-To put mail in your Wrangler shaped mailbox, you raise the hood
-To get mail out, you open the tail gate
-The spare tire on your Wrangler shaped mailbox is the old spare off your previous Wrangler
-You believe a woods/forest trail is simply a winch anchor rich environment.
-You've never seen a rock off road that didn't have tire marks on it

Well, I'm sure there are many more, but I'll stop there.

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Those are awesome! I agree with FZY1, we want more.

When you hear a Jeep girl is topless, you don't run out to see.
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