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Hey everyone new to site and just bought my first jeep about 6 months ago and its been undr construction since. lol I've seen a lot of interesting info here and figured I'd join in. I have a project going on now 87 wrangler 4 cylinder bought 6 months ago first time I drove it got a little tipsy and completely destroyed the jeep running gear..... This is just a play toy woods jeeps ect not a everyday driver so I had a Dana 60 front and Dana 70 rear I installed along with a 4 inch spring over lift and 3 inch body on 40 inch tsl on 20 wide wheels there too wide but it's all I could get ahold of at the moment it's 8 ft 7 from outside of tire to outside of tire...sits super tall could clear 44s easily. I took out the belly pan and made a custom crossmember out of black iron 1/4 in pipe turned out nice.... This Is the first time I've ever done anything like this and it's not turning out to bad the angles are off in the yokes I had to run offset u-joints but when installing the running gear all the perches lined up with the springs so I didn't move em. My dilemma now Is POWER the 4 cylinder isn't enough and my ax 5 is making all kinds of noises anyways. The driveline is pretty much bullet proof and needs to be I play hard but my question is 4bt or inline 6 and ive been lookin at the 258 stroker kit. she floats now and would like it to stay that a way what are some jeep guys opinions help me out thanks.
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