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New Jeeper here, and I have a couple of questions for the board... looking for cleaning tools that work especially well.

For example, especially with Jeeps that are lifted, it seems like the inner wheel well needs attention, otherwise you have a sparkly clean rig with dirty wheel wells that everyone can see... not a good look. So any tips/tricks or good cleaning tools that are out there would be great to know.

Also, is there a good cordless hand held shop-vac that anyone can recommend? I had one or two years ago, but they were always weak and pretty much useless. I'm hoping technology has improved since then. I'm going to do a google search, but the amount of user proven knowledge on this board is staggering, so I thought I'd throw this out there, and maybe others can benefit from the answers as well.

Thanks, Terry
I clean mine at one of those self-wash places, and spray the jet of water up into the wheel wells to dislodge any crap. After that I take it home and use Aerospace 303 on just about everything...body, plastic fenders, soft top. Stuff's can find it in most True Value hardwares stores or get it on Amazon. It'll keep your plastics from fading.

For the interior I use the Aerospace or Turtle Wax Ice. Don't use attracts dust and leaves an oily film. Ugh. Learned to avoid that junk from a lifetime of motorcycle riding...

I've got a plug-in, full-size Shop Vac, so I can't help you with a cordless version. Sounds like Pope AF Base in my garage when I fire it up, but it'll turn my Jeep inside-out if I want it to. :D
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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