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A few months after purchasing a 2010 Jeep Wrangler I had a gas over fill problem. I researched it & found that there was a recall on this but for certain years only. Of course my Jeep was not part of those years. I had the burp test done at the dealer said it had no problem. So then for a year I didn't have the over fill problem either. However, a few months ago I started having the problem again.

However, last night my spouse & I were talking about this problem & she asked what type of fuel fill ring was around the nosle? I said the big type the 5-7" ring or there abouts. She asked would it make a difference if I went to a gas station that had the samller fuel fill ring around the nosle? Approx 3" ring that mated up with the fill pipe. I am not sure.

So anyone else out there that has this problem & noted that if you were using a gas station that has the smaller ring on the gas nosle, that your not having the problems with the over fill where as you were before with the bigger rings you did? Plse adv your thoughts.

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