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For Sale - Jeep CJ YJ TJ Rock Crawler Bumper/Spare Tire Carrier by the dirt Worx on eBay. He has 100% feedback, please see link below:

Jeep CJ YJ TJ Rock Crawler Bumper Spare Tire Carrier | eBay

Condition - Brand New, Never opened, still in the box. Please note that this comes bare and you will need to paint it yourself

Includes - D Ring Mounts, there is NO class 3 receiver attached like in the photos below

Reason for Sale - I sold my Jeep Wrangler TJ

Price $360 Shipped or $300 Picked up

INFORMATION LISTED ON THE DIRT WORX SITE on eBay, please note that there is no class 3 receiver on mine, I requested it not to be welded on

Thank you for looking. Please take a moment to look at my customer feedback. This carrier is super heavy duty and 100% rattle free guaranteed. Brand new custom fabricated units for CJ, YJ and TJ Jeeps. Comes bare steel ready to prep and paint or powdercoat. Bumper is 3/16" wall thickness, 2 X 4 X 57 inch rectangular steel tube. Includes class 3 receiver. D-ring mounts ARE included. They pass completely through the bumper and are welded front and back. Will hold up to 37" tire. Unit is hard top and body lift compatible. Pivot point contains zerk fitting, O-ring grease seals, 1 1/2in cold rolled steel spindle and bump stops to prevent over extension. Bumper mounts to your Jeep at a full 10 points (8 crossmember mounts and 2 lower frame tie-ins). 1998 and newer vehicles will require minor drilling to utilize all 8 crossmember mounts. Grade 8 mounting hardware is included.

I hand fabricate each one of these


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