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jeep sits lower in rear

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Why does the jeep sit lower in the rear end? What can be done for it? Have a 95 wrangler with a 2.5 inch spring lift.
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cheapest,easiest way would be longer shackles on the rear i need to measure the ones i have? How do i know what size to get?
Looking at the shackles online...some say they lift the vehicle anywhere from a 1/2" to 2 1/2" depending on the application. So how do i know how much they will give me?
For every inch longer they are gives you 1/2 inch of lift you need to measure from the center of bolt hole to center of bolt hole. Stock shackles I think are four inches. You can't have shackles that are too long cause they can b hazardous.
your stock shackles measure 4 inch center to center on the bolt holes...the shackles that you put on will raise your jeep half as much as the extra length..example: if you put 5 inch shackles it will raise your jeep 1/2 inch taller than it is now..I wouldn't raise it more than 1 1/2 inches at the very most with longer shackles..the least you can get by with the better and the better it will look in my opinion...long shackles are ugly to me
Not sure how much more the rear is lower than the front. I just want it leveled out so it looks better. I dont see any measurements on these shackles on line. So idk if they are even longer than the ones i have. I will measure them tomorrow.
Thanks for the info..a lot to learn and know.
I think they look good with the rear just a little lower....just MHO....
I measured it today and the jeep has stock shackles. It doesnt sit very low in the rear...just a little.
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