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- Hey guys, need some help diagnosing this one so maybe I can save some money and fix it myself.
- I have a 2001 TJ 2.5L Auto.
- Primarily when its hot out if I come to a stop my jeep doesnt want to accelerate. At a stop when I push the gas the jeep lurches forward about a foot, then RPMs drop, then return to normal and I have to hammer down on the gas to get it to go. RPMS idle at about 500, and does fluctuate. Idle also kind of makes a whooping sound.
- I have two error codes im going to check this weekend P1682 (low voltage) and P1486 (evap leak which I have had checked and its the gas cap ive been told)

Just gave it a tune up.
Changed the air filter
oil filter
motor oil
spark plugs
distributor cap
spark plug wires

other things done within the last year
trans fluid and filter
o2 sensors
intake manifold gasket
cleaned the IAC and TPS

Sorry for the long post but hopefully someone can help me out, college kid trying to learn how to fix his jeep as it breaks lol..

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Jeeps hate low voltage. It is on my list of triggers for ASD problems. Have you checked voltage with a meter and cleaned up terminals and grounds? Some auto parts places can hook up a diagnostic machine to load test your electricals.

Did you gap your plugs by the emissions label under the hood? Route your plug wires like they were? Crossing them?

Mostly I was just bumping you to the top but I thought I would quiz you too.
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