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I wanted to throw this together for anyone who wants to put a Bosch fuel pump in their Jeep. Since we cannot get the entire assembly any longer this was my experience with replacing just the pump and using my existing assembly.

For those who are not familiar with this type of repair, this may give you an understanding on what to expect. I could not find much online showing pump only replacement.

I have an 04 TJ so it may be slightly different for you.

1. Drop the tank. (you can find these videos online)
2. Unscrew tank to gain access to pump. (I used a rubber mallet and chisel)
3. Pull out pump and you have something similar to this:

4. You will unplug the wire on the outside of the assembly going to the float. That you can see clearly in the picture above.

5. You want to push down on the three tabs that are holding the plastic upper piece and the lower metal piece together. This will separate the two pieces as well as give you access to the wire and plug attaching to the pump inside of the cylinder.


Above shows the three tabs you press in on to release the pieces as well as the plug that attaches to the pump that is now unplugged (red and black wire). This wire was VERY stiff and made assembly and disassembly very difficult.

6. Once unplugged and separated you have the pump inside the cylinder that I removed by pulling straight up.

7. Once I pulled out the pump this is when I realized there was a few things I was going to need to do.
-Transfer this brown cardboard material over to the new pump
-Transfer the hose connected to the top of the pump
-Remove the strainer from the new pump and toss it
-Transfer the black rubber on the old pump to the new pump where the new strainer will attach. (you will need to purchase the correct strainer if replacing it)

Below you will see hose on top, brown cardboard piece in the middle. Those are easy to take off.
The bottom of the new pump the strainer needs to be removed.
The bottom of the old pump that black rubber needs to be removed and put on new pump.


8. Once all of the pieces are transferred over you can reinstall in backwards order.

The only trouble I had was when putting in the new pump, there was a red washer and metal washer on the bottom of the lower housing that moved and needed to be seated back into place. Remember the red washer goes below the metal one. This picture below will show you wha it looks like as seen from the bottom of the assembly.


Hope this helps someone who wants to keep the OEM pump but may not be familiar with the process.


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What was the part number of the replacement pump?
Does this have the check valve in it that keeps it from loosing pressure when it’s not running?
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