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jeep transmission wont engage after sitting.

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I have had my 1988 YJ for 3 months it has had no problems. I haven't driven it for a week. I got in it to drive it, it started right up but i put it into gear and nothing. I can also push the jeep while its in gear. Its a 5 speed. The transfer case it not in neutral. It is not leaking fluid. Any ideas? I let it run for a while to warm up, that didn't help.
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Yeah I am sure your frustrated!! First you have to crawl under and inspect your transfer case linkage and may have to disconnect and manually shift into 2H. It is all the way forward on your shifter so correlate that to your linkage. Then you are going to have make sure the trans is shifting into a gear. Listening for noises when you try to shift iinto gear (trans). Even if it doesn't move you should hear the gears turning if you rev it up. If your clutch iss so shot that it still won't move it will be time for a clutch kit and a flywheel resurafce or replacement.
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