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Hello y'all. 13' JK two door here with a question. Was stuck out on a trail a few weeks back and decides to get some pods and light bar (not too poser). So, that being said, found a good deal from a guy in the club and now I am torn on how to wire these up. Here is what I have.

1. Above windshield light bar. Wires are cut at the light bar showing red/black wiring. Wiring (i think) is shown below photos.

2. Hood mounted light bar (not sure if I will keep this as it may be too much), but same as mentioned above with red/black cut at the light bar.

3. Light pods which have a separate plug and play system but am unsure as to where the wiring should go?

Any help would really be appreciated. I can do mechanical stuff all day long but when it comes to electrical and relays and switches and splicing, I am in dire need of assistance.

Also placing of the switches suggestions would be appreciated. I don’t think I’ll do a pod but let me know your thoughts!

Thanks all!



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