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I have a customer that brought in a 89 jeep wrangler that has a from what we can tell a 95 jeep 4.0 engine w/wrangler wiring harness and grand cherokee computer. Jeep ran coming in but had problems of shutting off randomly. customer went to leave that night and would not start. there were four relays involved in system. 2 black relays typical for fuel pump and asd were not according to wiring diagrams set up right. also there were 2 metal relays that seamed to have to do with starter. one of those metal relays failed so we decided to eliminate that one and try to clean up some of the wiring mess. also changed other 2 black relays to what we believe from wiring diagrams to be right. had vehicle running after that. we next made proper wiring connections by sodering and vehicle has not run since. when turn key on you hear fuel pump go on and off with relay when you crank engine you do not hear fule pump and get no spark or injector pulse. have replaced both pickup coil and trans mounted crank sensor still same problem. any suggestions please. I am in desperate need for help to get this vehicle back to customer.

thanks a ton,
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