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Complete--both, brake to brake, for $800/pair!

Bonus/good news: They were rebuilt not too long ago: new bearings/seals.
Plus wheel cylinder, shoes, drums, all brake hardware in the rear axle.
And caliper, pads, both unit hubs, all ball joints, both u-joints, both upper control arm bushings in the front axle.

Fresh fluids just replaced recently too!

These will fit(bolt in) to 1997-2006 and improve your gearing on all 4.0L 6-cylinders(non-Rubicon) and later model 2.4L 4-cylinders, to give you Rubicon gear ratio!

I will keep the front axle shafts, unit bearings, and maybe calipers for spares if you don't need these and want the axles cheaper.

Thank you.
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