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So the new jeep should be here in a few weeks, I need to get some parts on order.
I am leaning toward Duratrcs 315-75-16 and Level 8 Bully Pro 16" wheels.
for this wheel / tire combo, cut fenders and a 2.5" lift will I be good with the 4.5" BS or will the 3.75 be needed?

I also need guidance on bumpers there are so many out there, yet only a few I like.
I would like to go with a narrow stinger front bumper. I like the smittybilt, but I am starting to search for an aluminum, if the added cost is not too much.
I also like the barricade rear with tire carrier, again looking for a reasonable priced aluminum alternative.
I am considering a spare tire delete and keep the spare in the garage, except for the wheeling ventures, where I will carry the spare in the cargo area.

I am still searching for rubi take off spring. If I do not find them soon, I will need to figure out a lift kit.

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Those 315/75/16 wheels come out to a 34.6" Diameter which would put them in the 35" category for this forum. Most people will tell you to get it re-geared to at least 3.73 (even 4.10) and the 2.5" lift will help against rubbing. I don't think the tire will be a problem for the fenders once you get the lift, but you might hit the bumper if they are stock.

As for everything else, that's your choice and all people can do is tell you what they like.

There are many threads on the forums regarding what you need, use the search function on the forums.
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