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In 1996 I converted from carburated to the mopar MPI, it was a good choice. now if we fast forward to now here is the current issues.
2014 started a total mod when i am not on the road
Titan 4.0 stroked to 4.7L. the build is all done now I am sorting out running issues. I am using the Mopar MPI kit from the old 4.2L since it based on the 1994 era.

Here is where I am at right now.
all sensors have been replaced associated to the MPI system (crank sensor, IAC, MAP, TPS, put in new injectors 24lb, vibration dampener and also replaced the ECM it was fried a few years back, jeep had a short.

The engine starts very hard and unless I feather the throttle won't start and continue to run. the timing is acting like it's way off. I checked TDC, at first it appeared to be the vibration dampener had spun but this wasn't the case. Tore down the front end pulled the vibration damp and there was no apparent timimg issue i replaced it anyway since it was from 1996.

Anybody have a suggestion
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