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JK 2013 2DR Soft top. Need your input. Feedback appreciated

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I know this is a common question on this forum, but I thought if I shared exactly what I was looking for and my concerns, I would get the advice that points me specifically to what kind of soft top I should purchase.

I live in Chicago so the weather is always varying. I bought a 2013 2dr Sahara. I would only be using this soft top about 6 months out of the year. I am assuming I do not have certain hardware to install a soft top because I did not purchase the dual group option. I am a short petite girl (5'2) that has to do a slight hop up to get in my jeep (which I love) so I am looking for a soft top that is easy to put up and take down. I have no clue if it is better to go with a frame or framless option. I took out the bench in jeep so I can store the soft top easily in my car. I have also read people on here go back and forth between the sail cloth and the premium fabric. I am so confused. Please help. I just want to make the right purchase with the help of you lovely, expert jeepers.