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As a new owner of a wrangler saraha 4 dr :D I am contemplating a travel trailer or pop up:eek: . The GVW of a towed vehicle is listed as 3500#. Does anyone tow a pop up or travel trailer?
If so:
What GVW is it?
What GVW or dry weight mite be recommended?
How does it handel behind the JK?
Does the trailer need special suspension thigamajigs (Sway bars, electric brakes,etc)?
Is the MPG drastically affected?
Would a transmission cooler be necessary?

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The tow rating means your JK can tow 3500lbs of stuff.. That includes the people and the stuff in the jeep. Brakes on the trailer or pop up are nice to have, as that means less work for the tow rig. While I don't have a JK I do tow my TJ with my ram 1500 and the mpg drops to a nice 11-12mpg from the massive 16-19mpg I usually get on the highway with no load.
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