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JK Axles on a TJ

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Anyone know how much work (welding) is involved in converting JK axles to fit on a TJ? Any approximate costs from someone who might have done this already?
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It's the removal of the JK stuff and the welding of the TJ stuff you're looking at. Unless you can work a cutting wheel or plasma cutter. You also have to buy the TJ control arm mounts, shock mounts Trac bar mounts and spring perches. There's kits out there for this. And if you aren't buddies with the guy doing it and qualify for his friends and family pricing, I'm sure it might get a little pricey having to pay someone at full market value.

Also, will need new rims with the proper bolt pattern or spacers. Keep in mind JK axles are wider too. Might need to readdress bump to keep the tires out of the fenders.

I've never done it. I wish I knew how to weld. I might give it a shot one day. I have a good buddy that runs a 4x4/fab shop....he said he'd teach me and let me practice...

Anyway, good luck. Sorry not much help.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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