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JK back to factory head unit from aftermarket

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Well just want to say first off this is a great forum and to everyone who takes the time to answer, research and share the own experiences, thanks you are much appreciated. I was a member some time ago when I owned my tj and I learned so much from everyone.
Now on to my issue, I bought my wife a 08' unlimited sahara, and it had 1200 miles on it but they had changed out the factory infinity head unit to a cheap double din. They also added an aftermarket amp under the seat, but they did not upgrade factory speakers! I don't hear sound from the oem sub either. The sound is loud but distorted and the head unit is junk. Quality of sound is pitiful. I plan to switch the front speakers and tweeters out with Polk db6501 and rear with db651, also the factory sub with JL w3. Sticking with factory crossovers and current 5 channel amp. My wife wants the factory head unit back in so I picked up a oem REN non satellite unit up from a friends caravan that was wrecked that mopar says will fit. My question is what issues will I run into with this setup when going back to factory? Where is a good starting place? I'm assuming they did not upgrade correctly. I've been researching on here and seems the best setup is.... oem radio>mtx req-5>5 ch amp>upgraded speakers fr and back. That is what I plan on doing at this point. Any suggestions would be helpful. Just kind of looking for advice before I tear it all apart. Any help would be greatly appreciated.