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I Did do some searching but couldn't really find it, so sorry if this is old news..

Recently bought a 2015 Wrangler, it had the "low end" radio. So I bought the upgrade radio with Siruis and Uconnect (what I would call the middle range radio) off ebay, not the touchscreen model though

I was hoping it had the same Sirius antenna off my other car but no luck, been doing some searching and apparently there is a special wiring cable harness I need to also get.

Anyone know which one of these kits I need:

Satellite Radio System - ANTENNA, Satellite - 05064910AA | Mopar

Satellite Radio System - CABLE, Satellite Radio - 05064159AG | Mopar

Satellite Radio System - CABLE, Satellite Radio - 68185912AA | Mopar

any info is much appreciated!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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