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I need help using a downloaded JK FSM.

I recently purchased the FSM as on online download from Repair manual - Service Manual - Parts Manual download . It was pretty cheap at $15 but so far also pretty worthless. The downloaded service manual is not a PDF file but an Adobe SVG file which can only be displayed on a web browser. The file is huge and took forever to download and unzip. The readme file was very cryptic, but eventually I was able to see something on my Internet Explorer. However I need to shut down IE and reload just to switch manual pages. So I have none of the features which should be great in using a web browser to read a manual. When I get to the page I want, the quality is terrific and you can print out what just what you need and get it greasy.

I have read reviews (after I bought) for the rManual product and the same thing from another supplier. The other supplier offered tech support to get the customer up and running. There customers are happy. rManual doesn't answer pleas for help. So I bought a good product from the wrong supplier.

I might have to by another copy from the good guys just to get some tech support, but I thought that someone else out there might be able to help.

Sorry I don't remember who the preferred supplier for this manual was.
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