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So my budget build is complete. I've owned Jeeps (CJ, YJ, TJ, JK, now TJ) my whole life. My last TJ was built right with 4" lift, SYE, bumpers, armor, etc. Now that I'm a little older and wiser, i.e. trying to save for my daughters college, the Jeep budget is much smaller.

So this thread is for us older guys that just want to weekend wheel with our kids and have something to drive around for our midlife crisis.

Start with a Jeep TJ: 5K

Clean it up and get the top off: Free

Get a deal on Craigslist for JK Rubicon Take-Offs and shocks: $400

Get a set of Spydertrax spacers and a Fat Bob's Garage 2" Budget Boost on ebay: $279.95

Skin some knuckles and add some profanities to your garage: Free

Add one happy little Jeep girl:

And you have the finished product: $5679.95 plus some cleaning supplies :wavey:

I'll go into detail of what is required if there is interest.

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That looks great. A good, simple build for low cost and without much fuss. Nice work. :thumb:
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