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I have a 2017 6 speed manual that recently started popping out of 1st from a standing start. Very dangerous for my commute as I have to enter a 2 lane, 55 mph highway from a standstill at 90 degrees. Have had it pop out several times and I am a sitting duck for a 55 mph T-bone.

Have seen lots of the same story on this forum. Contacted my dealer and they fixed it under the 60K power train warranty. I asked them why this is not a recall since so many people complain about it. Apparently no one has died yet so it is not an issue for chrysler.

He said that more people need to complain about it and relate their stories - especially if there was a dangerous situation.

The related service bulletin is S1821000001. They know it is an issue but they are not not stepping up to the plate.

Let's get all owners who are having issues irregardless of mileage to write and and complain. The Jeep complaint form is located at

Do it on the web rather than phone so there is a paper trail and post your story as a response here (you can copy and paste from the comments section on the complaint form).

Cheers and good luck to those out of warranty (dealer said it was 1st, 2nd and reverse synchros and locking ring - 3k warranty price and more for customer pay).
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