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just looking for some advice. I bought a set of 33x11.5-16 tires for my 2011 Jk but I'm still shopping for wheels. I'm really indecisive and I can't even decide between steel and alloys. like the price of steel but I also like the weight and look of alloys.
the steel wheels I was looking at, I believe, had 4.25" of backspace, while the alloys had 4.00". they are both 16x8 and the tires are 11.5" wide? any educated guesses as to where those tires will end up sitting under the flares? any foreseeable problems with clearance anywhere around the tire or wheel?
also, quadratec showed the black rock type 8 with 4.25" of bs as only fitting up to a 2010 model. the only ones that fit the 2011, according to their site, have 4.5" or 5" of bs...and they're pricier. was that just a mistake on their part, or would the first set of wheels really not work?
thanks in advance for any advice, or pics.
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