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Hi I have a prostart 4211tw remote starter I picked up as my old one was bad. I took all old one out and resided with help of wiring diagrams and forums and instructions. It’s on a 2008 unlimited x wrangler. Which is manual.

The brain has the yellow loop for manual, I wired the ground out while running to a relay that had the one Pin spliced into the bypass wire under hood and then to the body on the other. I know that works as when I attempt to start it I can turn key till it stops flashing five blinks. But..

I have my door wires ( all negative wires not positive ) all wired to my negative door input on starter and the jumper pin is set to negative, assuming it’s a negative

My hood pin is wired to gray and works as I can program the remote and access program mode.

The park lights work as they blink accordingly for codes and when I open good, I had to throw diodes on to stop back feeding as my headlights would flicker odd times too!

My tach wire is on the negative wire before the coil pack. Maybe not the right one? Any ideas which ?

Foot brake is wired to the positive end that DOES receive 12v when applied I tested it.

Hand brake is wired to the positive wire that gets grounded out on handbrake assembly.

My ignition wires and powers and grounds are all on accordingly under the steering colum wires where they should and I have good ground for sure.

The only one I did not know is the accessories wire orange which I had no clue where to go with it and is not my concern as of yet,

I wired the starter wire to my purple starter wire under colum

Here’s my issue, I can get into program mode and program the fob with paib or hood pin or using the ignition key and transmitter so I know those are wired and working. What I cannot do is learn the tach, I leave engine run to regular idle, then says hold foot brake till it flashes to confirm learning but I don’t get that, so when I try starting it (not in ready mode) I get five slow blinks which indicates no tach learned, not sure why I cannot learn it that’s my first step too the issue. Found a ignition coil wire that’s always 12v that others said, also found two injector wires that were told too try and they provide 13.5v while running, I thought tach is 1.5-6v?

I don’t have power features but when I hit lock or unlock it flashes lights for success in both. So fob and transmitter works and connected

I have an old / new bypass from 2016 that is plugged in , not sure if it’s correct settings or working but till I get at least to ready mode I’m not concerned.

Also there’s a jumper for tach high or normal I have it on normal

I also cannot get into ready mode ( default is remote activation ). I press foot brake, then pull handbrake and hold the fob button but I get no flash nor does it stay running. Which I know handbrake is recognized (read below) but maybe the footbrake is not being recognized?

However when I do pull handbrake by itself when I’m stopped, the transmitter light goes solid like it’s ready for the fob so I know the handbrake is being recognized I think but not sure what that means. Any tips or guidance would be great thanks!!
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