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JKU Extended Cranking when Hot

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My JKU 3.6V6 2013 (117 687 mi) has started this habit of Cranking 6-7 seconds after driving for any amount of time and parking for a few minutes. In the mornings (first start, starts beautiful) Summer or Winter.

I have replaced the:
1.Fuel pump with Valve (apparently a complete unit)
2.Both Cam sensors
3.Crank sensor
4.Vanos system (Both)
5.Hydraulic Lifters
6.Timing Chains/Tensioners etc.
7.Injectors 6-off
8.Wiring harness to Engine
9.Solenoid on Oil Pump (after receiving a PO06DD code)
10. Redone both heads as Cylinder 1 had a burnt valve
11.All four O2 sensors
12.Decat and new software
13.Fuel Cap
14.Service (Filters/Plugs/Oil)
15.New coil packs

Did I forget something that someone else has perhaps done
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Welcome to the forums!

That's a good list of parts. From what I've seen the most common causes for long cranking are the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors. I've seen brand new non Mopar ones cause issues as well.

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Must be coolant sensor - mine works as the fan kicks off and on like it's supposed to

i replaced injectors a while back and it seemed to help - but gradually started doing the same thing ( like a month later)

I'm guessing maybe carbon buildup

since I get spark knock unless I burn premium
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